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Natural Hymen Capsules

Natural Hymen Capsules

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Natural Himen Blood Capsules - Artificial Hymen Kit

What is Natural Himen Capsules?

The Natural Himen is a small Capsule, made of the highest standards of self-dissolving containing synthetic blood that replaces a ruptured hymen safely and painlessly.

How to use Natural Himen:

Safe and easy to use: 1-3 hours before requirement, clean hands and area before using, slowly insert the Natural Himen 7cm (2.75 inches, one finger length), It will dissolve by itself between 1-3 hours after insertion under the influence of body heat.

How safe is Natural Himen? 

100% Natural and Safe 

The Natural Himen has been developed in a medical microbiology laboratory and it is made of natural materials such as synthetic blood and cellulose. All the materials used to make the pouch are 100% natural and do not have any side effects hence it is 100% natural and safe. No more painful surgeries or visit to the doctors. Natural Himen replaces painful and costly Hymenoplasty.

What is Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery is the temporary surgical restoration of the hymen. It is very painful and sometimes not successful due to biological reasons. Natural Himen replaces this painful and expensive surgery.



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